Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Deities and Religion

Mol (The Church of)
Alignment: Lawful Anything
The all seeing protector and the guardian of the Law.

Common in the Moldune Empire and northwest Rakkenskag.

Often portrayed as a bearded man holding a great tome in one hand and scales in the other.

The myth is he took a piece of his own divine soul and used it to create order and this is how law was created.

Followers of Mol believe that humans are the highest of species and that the Moldune Empire is an earthly representation of the divine order.

Alignment: True Neutral, Neutral Good or Chaotic Neutral
The God of tranquility and fertility

Common in Rakkenskag and parts of Namradk.

Portrayed as a beautiful young man with long hair.

The Noed myth says he came to the world as a golden butterfly. At first he was only light and happyness but the darkness of the world changed him and gave him the form of a mountain. Eventually he resisted the darkness and and transformed into a man.

Followers of Noed likes to love, eat, dance and drink.They often get al lot of children.

The Golden Goat
Alignment: Neutral Good or Chaotic Good
The God of survival and wisdom.

Common in Rakkenskag.

Portrayed as a golden goat.

The Golden Goat is said to appear when a righteous person is in need. The most common story is about a king that led his people through the cold mountains. When all hope was lost finally a golden goat appeared, following the strange goat they found their way down the mountain to a safe lush forest.

Followers of the Golden Goat don't believe in excess and luxury. "It's the grain you store that will save you when the winter is harsh".

Sartoa (The Gray Lady)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Goddess of magic and duality

Common in Namradk and Rakkenskag.

Portrayed as a woman with two faces, one beautiful and one horrifying.

When the world was created good and evil was separated, so was light and dark and many other
contrasts. In one place of the creation the contrasts did not separate and a perfect ambivalence appeared. This is Saratoa.

Followers of Saratoa never judge and always try to look at things from different angles. They are terrible to debate with.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Poxtorv Village

Poxtorv lies in Rakkenskag and belongs to the small kingdom Sylikel.

Rakkenskag - the Thousand Kingdoms

An esteemed member of the Cartographers Guild once tried to map all of the kingdoms of Rakkenskag. After six years of traveling a war emerged in the western parts, hundreds of kingdoms fell, new emerged and soon more than half his work was forfeit. It's said that he jumped off a cliff and since then nobody have tried to map Rakkenskag again. His fate have become an expression, "you might as well map the kingdoms of Rakkenskag".

A typical Rakkenskag kingdom is feudal with one town and a few surrounding villages. The ruler is most likely cousin with the rulers in the neighbur kingdoms.

Southwest Rakkenskag towards the Moldune border many kingdoms are rich from trade and fancies themselfes modern. Farther north where the climate is rougher, the trade is poorer and the societies more barbaric and tribal.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Anagram/shuffle name generator

If you want to create a name for a town or similar to use with your fantasy game/campaign there are a lot of really good random name generators online. Donjon is a great one just to mention one. The only problem is that the names sometimes feel a bit generic.
So I created this little generator, it takes a word of your choosing and shuffles it into new words. Put in the name of your hometown or your friends pet and see what the generator will give you. Have fun!

Anagram/Shuffle your words.
(doublets might occur in the results)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Create your hexmap for free with Tiled

This is a free, quick and easy way to create your own hexagonal map.

I have created this tile-set and you may use it as you wish under the CC-BY licence, that means you can use it to create commercial stuff if you like.

Download it here

Now how do you use it to create your map?

I use the free software Tiled and have recorded a short tutorial to show you how.

If the values in the tutorial is to small for you to read they are: 100x60 for the map and 70x60 for importing the tile-set.

It's easy to draw your own tile-set and get your custom look. Feel free to use mine as a template if you want.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Weaseling - Playable Race

Weaselings are the most common race in Nadallh after humans.

They where created by Isse the Mad about 7000 years ago. He created them to be helpers in his laboratories and to do repairs in his great machines.
The fact that they where created by a mad archmage tend to make the weaseling feel alienated towards humans, their religions and believes.

They are not really humanoid weasels as the name suggests but rather a a mix between lemur and rat. They are usually about 4-5 feet tall.
They love fish, especially raw and yes, they sometimes smell quite bad.

Humans rarely consider the weaselings their equal and weaselings often live in poor conditions doing low class labor. Every now and then you do meet weaselings that have risen to influential positions like merchants or tavern keepers. Weaseling craftsmen usually have a very good reputation.

The maximum strength for a weaseling is 11 and the minimum dexterity is 15.

Weapon and Armor Restrictions
Like humans they do not have any weapon or armor restrictions.

Fighting Giants
Being small and nimble they receive a +2 to AC against huge humanoid creatures like giants or trolls.

Knack for mechanics
Isse the Mad somehow imbued the weaslings with a borne knack for everything mechanical. On 1-3 on a D6 they can disable a mechanical trap, open a mechanical lock or some similar mechanical task.

Saving Throw
They receive +2 on saving throws vs. mechanic traps.

Optional Level Restriction 
If you want a level restriction use the same as you would for a halfling in your game.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Isse The Mad Archmage

Was he a man with extraordinary powers or a being from the Void, nobody surely know. What is certain about him though is that he was mad as a hatter.

He reigned the areas around Rakkenskag and all the way down to Akka Mountain 6548 years ago. His death is year zero in the common Nadallhian calendar.

Most stories from that time describe a world where man was little more then a lab rat in some great experiment of a purpose nobody could make any sense of.

His death is a mystery but most think he finally failed in his arcane experiments and was disintegrated, flew to close to the sun if you wish.

Across Rakkenskag remnants of his empire can still be seen in the shape of old ruins and lost tunnels. The most notorious being the Citadell that lies in the northern mountains.

The most sought after treasure from his empire is the legendary scrolls and tomes that he is supposed to have written, they would hold knowledge beyond anything you can imagine if you could find and interpret them.