Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Anagram/shuffle name generator

If you want to create a name for a town or similar to use with your fantasy game/campaign there are a lot of really good random name generators online. Donjon is a great one just to mention one. The only problem is that the names sometimes feel a bit generic.
So I created this little generator, it takes a word of your choosing and shuffles it into new words. Put in the name of your hometown or your friends pet and see what the generator will give you. Have fun!

Anagram/Shuffle your words.
(doublets might occur in the results)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Create your hexmap for free with Tiled

This is a free, quick and easy way to create your own hexagonal map.

I have created this tile-set and you may use it as you wish under the CC-BY licence, that means you can use it to create commercial stuff if you like.

Download it here

Now how do you use it to create your map?

I use the free software Tiled and have recorded a short tutorial to show you how.

If the values in the tutorial is to small for you to read they are: 100x60 for the map and 70x60 for importing the tile-set.

It's easy to draw your own tile-set and get your custom look. Feel free to use mine as a template if you want.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Weaseling - Playable Race

Weaselings are the most common race in Nadallh after humans.

They where created by Isse the Mad about 7000 years ago. He created them to be helpers in his laboratories and to do repairs in his great machines.
The fact that they where created by a mad archmage tend to make the weaseling feel alienated towards humans, their religions and believes.

They are not really humanoid weasels as the name suggests but rather a a mix between lemur and rat. They are usually about 4-5 feet tall.
They love fish, especially raw and yes, they sometimes smell quite bad.

Humans rarely consider the weaselings their equal and weaselings often live in poor conditions doing low class labor. Every now and then you do meet weaselings that have risen to influential positions like merchants or tavern keepers. Weaseling craftsmen usually have a very good reputation.

The maximum strength for a weaseling is 11 and the minimum dexterity is 15.

Weapon and Armor Restrictions
Like humans they do not have any weapon or armor restrictions.

Fighting Giants
Being small and nimble they receive a +2 to AC against huge humanoid creatures like giants or trolls.

Knack for mechanics
Isse the Mad somehow imbued the weaslings with a borne knack for everything mechanical. On 1-3 on a D6 they can disable a mechanical trap, open a mechanical lock or some similar mechanical task.

Saving Throw
They receive +2 on saving throws vs. mechanic traps.

Optional Level Restriction 
If you want a level restriction use the same as you would for a halfling in your game.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Isse The Mad Archmage

Was he a man with extraordinary powers or a being from the Void, nobody surely know. What is certain about him though is that he was mad as a hatter.

He reigned the areas around Rakkenskag and all the way down to Akka Mountain 6548 years ago. His death is year zero in the common Nadallhian calendar.

Most stories from that time describe a world where man was little more then a lab rat in some great experiment of a purpose nobody could make any sense of.

His death is a mystery but most think he finally failed in his arcane experiments and was disintegrated, flew to close to the sun if you wish.

Across Rakkenskag remnants of his empire can still be seen in the shape of old ruins and lost tunnels. The most notorious being the Citadell that lies in the northern mountains.

The most sought after treasure from his empire is the legendary scrolls and tomes that he is supposed to have written, they would hold knowledge beyond anything you can imagine if you could find and interpret them.

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Akka Mineral

The key to eternal life, at a cost.

About 600 years past it was found in mines located in the foothills of Akka Mountain in the Moldune Empire. The alchemists at Academia Alchem in Trice soon found the healing abilities of the mineral. It was not until some time later that they found the minerals true potential, it can stop and even reverse aging.
All Akka Mineral mines are owned by the most powerful families of the Moldune aristocracy and to this date no stem of mineral have been found anywhere else then by the Akka Mountains. 

Akka Mineral and the Church of Mol
The Moldunes consider the mineral a gift from their god. They believe that it is in fact the blood of Mol and that ingesting it gradually makes you a true part of Mol. 
The peson that have been using the mineral the longest is the Emperor Branco himself, he is now over 500 years old and have reached state four the transformation. He is considered a demigod by most of the empire and are worshiped as The Voice of Mol.   

Effects of Akka Mineral
If you drink a single potion of Akka Mineral Elixir you heal 1D6+5 HP, all poison is neutralized and all disease (except lycanthropy) are cured. You get 1D4 Addiction Points. 
Akka Addiction Table
Addiction Points Effect
1-4 You can't stop thinking about Akka Elixir.
5-9 You will jump at any chance to get more. Each day roll a D6, on 1-2 you will do everything within your power to get a potion. On 3-6 you resist the urge.
10+ You spend your days raving for Akka Elixir, if you don't get it you feel ill and will start to sweat blood out of your pores. Loose 1D4 HP each day you go without Akka Elixir.

Long-Term Usage
The following table assumes that you drink one potion every day. Most people are not aware of the effects beyond 10 years. This is the main reason why the Moldune aristocracy wear masks. 

Akka Long-Term Usage Table
Years Used Effect
1 You stop aging and are never ill. 
10  Your ageing is reversed and you will eventually look to be about 20 years old.
100Your eye-color change to a deep red and your pupils dilate to cover most of your eyes. You get very sensitive to light and your hearing improves tremendously. You can hear a mans heart beat within his body. 
250+ Your skin is like thin paper and when it bursts your flesh don't bleed and is black and hard beneath. You'll start hearing voices from the beings in the Void. You are now completely alienated from the human race (humanoid races).  

Acquire Akka Elixir
"This all sounds great! Now where can I get it?"
The easiest way is to befriend a member of the Moldune aristocracy and get elixirs in exchange for favors. Most aristocrats are reluctant to selling since they consider Akka Mineral a divine thing only ment for the worthy.   
Someway the elixirs occasionally do find their way to the black markets. If you find someone that will sell it to you it would cost about 600 GP per elixir.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Moldune Empire

Once a beacon of enlightenment now fallen to decadence as the aristocracy squabble over access to the precious Akka mineral.

A thousand years ago a king united most small kingdoms and tribes of the Moldune area, this was the beginning of the Moldune Empire. During the coming 600 years the Moldune Empire rose to become the most powerful faction of all Nadallh. No other could match their craftsmanship and knowledge and they built an infrastructure unseen since the time of the Elder.
When the Akka Mineral was found all changed. The main concern of the aristocracy is now procuring the mineral for themselves. The Emperor Descio have lived for over 500 years and which makes him the oldest living human in Nadallh.

The Moldune Empire is ruled by Emperor Branco along with a senate of about 200 members. The members are elected by vote and all adults of the aristocracy gets to vote. A elected senate normally sits for four years.

Trice is the capitol of the empire and it is unmatched by any other city. White tall buildings as far as you can see and the home of powerful institutions as the Moldune Geological Institute, the Academia Alchem and the New Church of Akka.

The empire have religious freedom of sorts, if you're a citizen you are however expected to be part of the Church of Mol.
Over the last hundred years the Old Church have grown stronger and today and is widespread throughout the empire.  


Friday, February 3, 2017

World map

A map over Nadallh.

This is still a work in progress so this map will be continuously updated. The current map is V02.